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久々に更新 スカイフォージ

2015年07月24日 02:06


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These updates were mentioned in some recent articles on the Russian website including a question and answer with the devs. These first two are coming in the next update. So maybe 2 updates for us after open beta launch.

Upper atlas special nodes

There will be changes to how the upper atlas works. Specifically there are currently nodes that can be upgraded over and over with a special drop and spending argents. Even though it cost cash shop currency it wasn't so bad since you can buy the currency with in game cash, it was just a bit pricey but doable. I upgraded some of these nodes a good bit while playing RU OBT.

But it looks like they are changing how these work and they are taking out the argent cost. Argents spent are being refunded and the resource item are being refunded in credits for how much they would have sold for. So it looks like they are not only removing the agent cost but completely changing how they are upgraded. The translation was a but hard to understand but I think they are just going to cost red, green and blue sparks now.

Group adventures

They are changing how the grouping works, again. The current way it works (comming in cbt4) is that you can choose your difficulty and get grouped with people in that prestige range or you could group with your friends of much lower level and the diffculty would be scaled to the lowest member. The higher level members could go but wouldn't get normal rewards.

This will be changing to a prestige scaling system. You will either be able to choose the diffculty for your solo or pre-made group but the prestige of everyone will need to be in the same range. Or you can choose enter a normalized version either with a pre-made or with a random group that will be leveled to normal mode for the highest level character and everyone else will be bolstered to match.

So go with restrictions but choose your difficulty or go with no restrictions but only get to do it on normal.

Building temples

They plan to allow players to actually create temples like housing that can be layed out however and then built by followers. They say that can't wait for this but they need to work on visualisation and customization.

Doing missions with your adepts

They would like to add adept missions where you help them out but it would start simple such as being able to enter to help your adepts kill a mission boss to complete it.

Stat display at end of instance

Looks like they will add a display at the end for various total status, damage dealt that sort of thing.

Mentoring system

They are working on mentoring system. They are still working out design details.


They are working on way to queue for multiple instances at once.

Dungeon difficulty

They are looking at difficulty. Depending on how the improved grouping goes they will make some adjustments.

Open pvp zone

They are talking about it but it wont be soon.

Anti-afk and anti-leaver

They are planning to add this for pvp.

New pvp modes

They are working on new kinds of pvp matches for the arenas.

In game voice

It is an idea that keeps coming up and they would like to do it but it is a huge thing and they don't have the resources for it right now. But they would like to some day. This would help a lot with randomm dungeons.